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Create Partition

  • First select the segment of free space you would like to create a partition on by clicking on an Unallocated space in the main interface. Then there are three ways to initiate the Create Partition function.
  • 1. Click Partitions in the top menu ยป click Create
  • 2. Click Create in the Tool Bar
  • 3. Click Create partition under the group Partition Operations on the Action panel
  • Partition Wizard supports file systems FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS.
    After initiating the function, a dialog box will appear and you will decide on the following parameters:
    • a. Main partition/logical partition.
    • b. Drive letter.
    • c. Type of file system.
    • d. Cluster Size.
    • e. Volume label of the partition.
    • f. We recommend using the NTFS file system, as it is much more reliable and stable than FAT. For the Cluster Size, we recommend selecting default.
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