Price: $129.00

Easy Recovery

EasyRecovery professional data recovery software is the complete solution for your data recovery, file repair, and disk diagnostic needs which contains advanced data recovery capabilities that allow you to search more than 225 different file types including MIDI music files, voice files and digital media files, etc. Plus you can utilize the Emergency Boot Diskette to recover data from systems that cannot boot to Windows. In addition to the new, more powerful data recovery engine, EasyRecovery now has the power to repair Zip files and Microsoft Outlook, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word files.

  • The most advanced data recovery, file repair, and disk diagnostic capabilities available.
  • EasyRecovery™ Professional includes: All the features and benefits of EasyRecovery™ DataRecovery and the added repair capabilities of EasyRecovery FileRepair™ and EasyRecovery EmailRepair™ plus enhanced data recovery options & diagnostic features.
  • Superior disk diagnostic tools including Ontrack Data Advisor®.
  • Improved file type searching capabilities.
  • EasyRecovery Professional recovers all file types, plus includes added raw recovery capabilities for over 290 specific file types including document files, MIDI music files, voice files, digital media files, and more!
  • Added viewing capabilities support providing a view identical to the display of the file in its native application.
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